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Nocturnal Dreams

a credit free graphics journal

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to nocturnal dream, a graphics journal providing credit-free graphics for everyone. this journal is friends only, please comment here to be added. bother me in my personal journal with requests and die.

all graphics here are credit-free, as the maintainer (ashley) does not believe in the mania called "credit" and prefers to just make people happy with her graphics "for free" - inspired by the lovely community club icy. all that is asked, is that you won't repost any of the graphics somewhere else, nor claim to have made them.

for more information, please go here. in fact, you really should read that entry before you join, comment or ask anything. So basically, please take a look at this. Thank you.


nocturnal dream provides icons, friends only signs, layouts, colourbars and a lot more (god, that sounded cheesy didn't it...). there is a seperate post for each "kind" of graphic. that way, you can easily find things later when you need them. updates will be there, but only linking to the individual, seperate posts noted above.

due to an ongoing obsession with charmed, most graphics will be charmed-focused. other fandoms are btvs, x-men (comicverse) and occasionally alias or the matrix.


samples can be found here



All of them are listed here


mail: raptured@gmail.com
msn: evil_santa_claus@hotmail.com
yahoo: christmastreeonfire
aim: ashleyivanova